Home Selling Tips

Prospective buyers want to envision themselves living in your home. Removing your personal effects will help them mentally move in. Creating a clean, clutter-free environment will help sell your home.

Download a printable version of our Pre-Listing Checklist.

Exterior Selling Tips

Exterior and Grounds
Picture Perfect

  • Mow lawn, trim shrubs
  • Sweep walkways
  • Pick up sticks, leaves
  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Hide trash cans
  • Put toys, bicycles away
  • Store seasonal decor
  • Stow garden tools, supplies
  • Remove garden hose, caddy
  • Straighten deck furniture
  • Clean pool area
Extra Perfect
  • Fill planters with flowers
  • Add a colorful flag
  • Spread fresh mulch

Interior Selling Tips

Inside the House
Picture Perfect

  • Remove all visible clutter
  • Open shades, blinds
  • Wash windows, glass doors
  • Replace burnt light bulbs
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Hide pet dishes, toys, beds
  • Turn all lights on
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep hard floors
  • Turn off televisions
  • Remove newspapers, mail
  • Display attractive books
  • Minimize knick-knacks
  • Remove personal photos
  • Kitchen Selling Tips

    The Kitchen
    Picture Perfect

    • Remove art from refrigerator
    • Store food in cabinets
    • De-clutter counters, stove
    • Stow small appliances
    • Hide soaps, cleaning items
    • Hide dish towels, sponges
    • Clear sink of dishes
    • Put away draining racks
    • Organize open shelves
    Extra Perfect
    • Place fruit bowl on counter
    • Display fresh pastries
    The Bedrooms
    Picture Perfect
    • Make the beds
    • Arrange decorative pillows
    • Put away clothing, shoes
    • Clean under the bed
    • Clear surfaces of clutter

    Bathroom Selling Tips

    The Bathroom
    Picture Perfect

    • Make the bathroom sparkle
    • Hang fresh towels
    • Clear counters of toiletries
    • Clean mirrors
    • Close toilet lid

    The Dining Room
    Picture Perfect
    • Straighten dining chairs
    • Add centerpiece, candles
      • Extra Perfect
        • Set the table for dinner
        • Add a vase of flowers
        • Add a bottle of wine, glasses