Listing Your Home In Fall Or Winter Brings Advantages

Posted Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Don’t believe the myth that listing your home in the Fall or Winter markets will never get your home sold. There are many reasons why listing your home during these markets can be very beneficial to a seller. There are still A LOT of buyers currently searching the market for their dream home!

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Here are the advantages to listing your home in Fall/Winter.

  1. Inventory gets low during these seasons, so listing your home at this time can make it much easier to sell.
  2. Prospective buyers are usually more motivated and serious to buy a home, often with a pressing need to close quickly.
  3. Motivated buyers are generally more likely to “pull the trigger” on a home they like, not wanting to wait around and possibly miss their opportunity.
  4. Buyers out looking for a home in the cold are not “tire kickers.” They want to buy a home and get moved in NOW!
  5. Less competition from other sellers in your area, which puts you on the right side of supply and demand.
  6. Your home will show very well when decorated tastefully for the holidays. No one can resist the smell of Christmas cookies.
  7. Selling your home in the Fall or Winter will give you as buyer the advantage of the Spring Market when supply and demand will revert to benefiting the buyer!
  8. The weather may be getting colder but the Market is still HOT and moving FAST! So don’t believe the myth that you have to wait for Spring to list your home

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